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As parents, we only want the best for our children.  One of the goals for our children, as well as for us is to live a long and healthy life by eating good nutritious foods.  Revolution Foods will help us to do so with tasty and nutritious meals.  and while you are searching Revolution Foods’ web site, access the Facebook link to enter their current giveaway for a chance to win some great prizes.

Rev it up with Revolution Foods        

As a wife and mother, I can attest to the old saying that goes something like “…watch out when a woman makes up her mind…” or, “… a woman with a mission”.  I am one of these women.  I’m set in my ways and won’t settle for anything less.  Revolution Foods is such a company that was founded in 2006.  It is run by two moms on a mission of bringing healthy foods into your local school and home.  Having served over 75 million meals to date, Revolution Foods recently introduced the Revolution Foods’ Grab & Go Meal Kits.  These Meal Kits are made with high-quality ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  The Meal Kits are conveniently packaged meals for use at home, school or simply on-the-go.  Inspired by parents, teachers and students alike, the Meal Kits taste great and are ready-to-eat.  Kids love the taste and parents love the convenience these meals offer.

The Meal Kits come in four varieties Turkey& Cheese, Ham & Cheddar, Cheese Pizza, and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

rev it up with revolution roodsAll of the Kits are packed full of proteins, grains and one serving of fruit.  The Meal Kits contain no antibiotics, nitrites, nitrates and real cheese from cows that were not treated with rBST, and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

The mission of Revolution Foods is to “build a lifelong healthy eater by making kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all.”  Revolution Foods strives to transform the way America eats toward a healthier diet, which is packed full of nutrition for natural ingredients.  The company also provides nutrition education programs to various entities designed to instill student interest and involvement.

The Revolution Food Meal Kits are available in Northern California at most Safeway and Whole Food stores, select HEB stores in Texas and King Sooper stores across Colorado.  Don’t live in any of these states?  Don’t worry.  Just go to the Revolution Food’s web site and key in your information to locate a store near you.  Stop by the Revolution Food’s Facebook and Twitter pages for additional information.

Right now, Revolution Foods is having a giveaway.  Prizes include 20 coupons for free Grab & Go Meal Kits, a Y Fliker scooter, and an Elf on the Shelf board game.  Be sure to check out their website for information on how to enter this great giveaway.

Learn to live a healthier lifestyle.  By doing so¸ you will increase your longevity.  Let the Revolution Foods’ Grab & Go Meal Kits help you along this journey.


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  1. Finally, a quick grab meal for those of us who care about ingredients. My son loved “Lunchables” as a treat but, we had to stop buying them because of all of the artificial ingredients.

  2. laurie damrose says:

    These look great and we can not wait to try all of them!

  3. I’ts nice to see new products. I can’t wait to see it in the stores!

  4. md kennedy says:

    Although I am not a fan of prepared foods, I do realize that they can be a huge stress reliever for a lot of busy parents. It is nice to know that these are toxin-free!

  5. They sound like an awesome Company, and not just for Kid’s, for Adults to snack on too! I will check them out, I have an H.E.B. pretty near where I live, so I will be sure to check them out next time I visit.

    Thanks for the Post!

  6. That sounds like the perfect snack or meal. I think it’s supposed to be for kids. I would like to try it for myself.

  7. It is about time that we have someone willing to make sure our kids are eating healthy in school.

  8. I love hearing about good food missions. the more people who learn how to eat well the healthier we will be as a nation. Thank you

  9. This looks yummy and convenient!

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This is a great product invented by 2 moms. I shall have to look in my local WHole Foods market to see if they carry it. I really like that these are all-natural and are packed full of proteins, grains and one serving of fruit.

  11. This looks like a great new product that would be great for adults as well as children and I can’t wait to give it a try. Thank you for this review.

  12. always creating new products!

  13. sounds so delicous i really want to try this

  14. I need to eat healthier. It’s one of my goals. I just quit smoking so, one thing at a time I guess.

  15. So awesome I think this is great. Nutrional value is something I 99% of the time read.You know that when 2 Mom’s put their head together the world better watch out. As women we ROAR!!Thanks for the info I am going to enter now

  16. Tanya Holland says:

    This is such a good idea. I think both of my girls would like them.

  17. I would love to try these! I hope they will be available in more locations soon!

  18. I didn’t see anywhere on their site that these foods are GMO free. They can create the freshest, healthies meals but if they have GMO’s in them, it might as well be garbage. I don’t mean to be negative but we have to let these companies know that in this day and age of GMO’s, there is a majority of us that don’t want them and avoid them like the plague.

  19. This reminds of Lunchables from my childhood, but brought to a much higher standard!

  20. I love how this is a healthier alternative to Lunchables. I was obsessed with them as a kid!

  21. I would love to try these out for my grandkids and I know one would absolutely love them for sure. His kind of snack and they sound great

  22. keno moore says:

    Well,I guess I’m too old school for this.

  23. What a great healthy product. I will let my SIL know about these for my niece and nephew. Thanks for the great review….

  24. sandy weinstein says:

    think these would be great for kids to take to school, better than lunchables which have too much sodium and are not that healthy.

  25. These sound really good I am all for healthy food for my kids! Thank you!

  26. Bridgette Friedman says:

    Healthy and convenient! Terrific product. Thanks for sharing it with us. I would like this for work.

  27. I am so thankful for the reviews you leave up. I write down items I see here with every intent to go check their website out or go buy it and then I forget what the note is about. So I then make another note, and another and when all else fails I remember HEY dummy just go back to your fav. blog. They keep the info for you. Thanks for being my brains

  28. sherry butcher says:

    We have a new store opening and I think I’ll look there for this. I need to see about the carbos because of blood sugars but Revolution Foods would really help to have on hand for the day I’m to hunger to fix a snack.

  29. Kera Adams says:

    That pb&j meal kit looks like something all of us would eat. It is a struggle trying to find healthy food all of us agree on. I agree with PP, is this GMO free?

  30. So cool! These would be perfect for traveling. It’s hard to fine “easy” and quick foods that aren’t full of garbage!

  31. sounds better than the nasty lunchables! haha!

  32. These would be great for after school treats. I’m am always looking for new healthy snacks for my grandchildren.

  33. Thank you for your review. These sound really good and healthy.

  34. kelly mcgrew says:

    loving this!

    i am loving the introduction and continued usage of all-natural foods and products!

  35. I wish this would have been an option when my kids were younger

  36. Shelly Johnson says:

    These look perfect for “We’re running late!” meals :) I can grab a snack and out the door. I even think these would be great to send to school in a lunchbox!

  37. Randy Fulgham says:

    very interesting post – thanks for sharing…………………

  38. Christina A. says:

    I am pretty sure I have seen these at H-E-B! I love that these are like a “Lunchables” substitute…truly! “Lunchables” kinda weird me out! ;)

  39. Emily Chui says:

    These are so cute and time saving, I’d love to give them a try!

  40. Wanda Bergman says:

    I’m always looking for healthier alternatives. I think I’ll be looking into Revolution Foods a bit more.

  41. I love the fact that Revolution Foods has chosen to sell a product that contains no antibiotics, nitrites, nitrates and real cheese from cows that were not treated with rBST, and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

  42. Janette Polivka says:

    Oh wow, I have never seen these before! This would be wonderful as a tasty snack, especially on the go! I will have to keep an eye out for these! Thanks!

  43. Sarah Elyce says:

    I keep seeing these at Target and have been wanting to try them. Thanks for the review!


  45. Ashia Austin says:

    I love lunch kits like this! They make lunchtime so much easier

  46. I like the idea of healthy meals for children and for everyone else. The fact that these meals are super easy and convenient makes this product even more special.

  47. Christine says:

    Aside from being convenient, it’s great that these are healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  48. These sound ideal for kids lunch boxes or an after school snack to hold then over until dinner.

  49. That sounds like the perfect lunchbox or after school snack. Much better than grabbing junk food in between meals.

  50. Those would be perfect for a between meal snack. Something to hold the kids over until dinner.

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