Educational Children’s Apps by Kid’s Academy with updates

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kid’s Academy and in conjunction with Mom Buzz Media. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids games, Educational Books, Free Songs Kid’s Academy, the creator of educational mobile apps tailored to Pre-K aged children, recently introduced us to three of their apps. The first app that we tried was ABCs Alphabet Phonics & Montessori Learn to Read App for Toddlers. This app is intended for children age 5 and under and focuses on mazes, rhymes, letter tracing, and learning to read. I love that this app teaches children to write in uppercase AND lowercase as last year, my daughter was only taught to write in uppercase. We spent … [Read more...]

New Exfolimate, Your Best Mate for Silky Smooth Skin Review #facebodytool

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Brace yourself, I am about to share something about myself. Now, it isn’t something that I really like; however, recently I have come to learn that more women have the same issue that I do. So *inhale* … *exhale* … are you ready for it? My upper arms and legs are bumpy. They have been like that for as long as I can remember. Fortunately, they are not awful to the pint that I feel the need to hide them; although I am not a huge fan of shorts, but I have never had the super soft skin like everyone else that I know seems to have. Come on, when is the last time you read a romance novel and it said, “… and then he ran his fingers up her bumpy arms…”? It was because of these two problems and a few other issues like dry heals and combination skin … [Read more...]

Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural by Paula Cappa

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Pick up a copy today. A great Halloween read! Purchase: $2.99 on Amazon   This time of year, I can't think of much that I would rather do than curl up, under a big blanket, with an amazing book. Step into Paula Cappa's imagination, drift away from reality for a few hours, and take in a great new book! Everyone could use a time out from reality, let Night Sea Journey, A Tale of the Supernatural by Paula Cappa be your escape this weekend.   A demon is a dark powerful visitor from another realm. True. A demon inside a dream is an imaginary construct that vanishes upon waking. True? Kip Livingston will tell you, false. Kip lives in Abasteron House and is a painter among the most talented of artists with an inspired imagination. She … [Read more...]

MaskIT Review #TeamMaskIT

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Let’s take a moment to chat about something that we all seem to be extremely embarrassed to talk about. That time of the month. You know, when aunt flow comes to town. Not a big fan of that one? How about the time of month when you are willing to kill someone just to get your hands on some chocolate! We all know what we are talking about here. The worst part is when you are out and about and there is no place to easily dispose of certain mandatory products. WHAT DO YOU DO? MaskIT has come up with a great and sanitary way to take care of such awful little issues! Did I mention that you are able to take care of the product without even touching them? You can wrap them up tight and secure the MaskIT bags that come in multiple sizes depending … [Read more...]

Toddler Music Band Review courtesty of Cascio Interstate Music

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My daughter is a budding musician. Hubby went to India and brought back a bunch of stuff, she loves the flute. She gets a bunch of presents, and proceeds to use the boxes as drums. Bath Toys? The water flutes, drum, and floating xylophone. Christmas? Drums and a guitar. She can’t play a lick mind you, but she loves to play. I’m not sure who exactly she gets her talent from however. I have never played an instrument. The hubby used to play guitar. You could say she gets it from me, since she’s terrible, or you could also say she gets it from the hubby, since she’s terrible. I mean, since she’s loves it so much. Regardless, she loves to play whatever instruments, real or makeshift, we have lying around. So it was with no small amount of … [Read more...]

Elegant Artisan Tablescape Set Review #SmartyHadAParty

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I really like to entertain. Throwing fancy parties. Elegant menus. Dressing to the nines. That’s me. Oh wait. That’s not me. Not even close. Dressing to the nines? I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean. Elegant menu? I’m happy when I can manage to order pizza. Fancy parties? That means a lot of cleaning, before and after, and buying food and ice and setting up and taking down.  And knowing people.  It kind of requires knowing people. Like live real people, not just Facebook friends or faceless internet personas. But sometimes, when you spend your entire day with a four year old who just wants to watch Disney, you need some adult interaction. And sometimes when the hubby gets home, you STILL need some adult interaction. So what … [Read more...]

Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review #anavitawrinklecream

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I am sure I have said this before and I am saying it again, I have tried more than my fair share of facial creams. Though I hate to admit it, since I hit my 30s, the potential development of wrinkles has moved to the forefront and that means anti-wrinkle cream has as well. Anytime I am using any form of facial cream there are a few things that are really important to me. First, the product that I am using has to smell nice. Second, while it is important that a product not leave my face dry, it is equally as important that it not leave my skin oily! Enter Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Anavita has a very pleasant scent. If we are being honest, there is nothing worse than putting a product on your face that you are going to have … [Read more...]

Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech Review #screendoor

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I was really impressed by the Magnetic Screen Door by iGotTech. Between having a dog as well as a small child I was somewhat worried at first that it may not survive between the two of them. It actually held up really well! My dog was some what scared of it because it moved and my daughter thought it was the greatest thing in the world because she could run in and out of it without hurting it! Did I mention that the price is amazing? I have wanted a screen door for as long as I have owned my home. We just have always come up with other things we needed more than it. With the Magnetic Screen Door, I knew it would keep us safe from the falls busy bees that are looking for a place to survive as well as the mosquitos that still lurk at night. … [Read more...]

Garlic Press Review #prioritychef

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I like garlic, a lot. When I was growing up it seemed like my parents used garlic in everything. Spaghetti Sauce. Meatloaf. Hamburgers. Garlic Bread. Bologna. Pizza. Chicken Pot Pie. Lucky Charms. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. You know, all the normal recipes that call for garlic. It probably has something to do with them being from the old country. I’m not sure which one, just that it was old. Something that rhymes with Detroit I think. Oh yeah, Kentucky and Indiana. So being from the old country they had a reasonable fear of vampires. You know, the sort of fear that goes back for hundreds of weeks. I’m not sure if they’re as afraid of werewolves, does garlic even work on werewolves? It might also have some health benefits. I don’t … [Read more...]

Herbal-T Male Performance Formula Review #herbalt

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My husband works longs hours, is an extremely involved daddy, and helps guarantee that our home is a well-oiled machine that is always running at 100%. I should probably also mention that he suffers from severe sleep apnea. For this illness he has been prescribed an extremely strong medication that in my opinion is essentially legalized speed; however, he takes it sparingly due to how costly it is. He is an amazing man that takes care of his family and like any loving wife I am always on the lookout for things that will make his day to day easier and hopefully happier. Recently, we were introduced to a male performance formula called Herbal-T. This supplement works to boost healthy testosterone levels, energy and focus, strength and … [Read more...]