Ageless by Thera Vita Review #theravita

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I have really, really enjoyed reviewing Ageless by Thera Vita and plan to continue using it! I even have my husband using it! For as long as I have known him, he has put lotion on his face after he gets out of the shower so he did not mind trying it out with me. More recently I have noticed that my chin has been breaking out a lot. I assume this is from all of the humidity which causes me to sweat; this is all part of summer. ;) I had been cleaning it a lot and trying to get the breakouts to clear up but in turn, this caused my chin to dry out. Once my Ageless arrived I started concentrating on using it solely in the hopes that it would be the answer to my problem. hat I found is that within a couple of days my skin began to heal nicely … [Read more...]

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review #GarciniaAmazon

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Psst! Hey you! Yeah you! I have to talk to you about something that is kind of a touchy subject! Losing weight!!! SCHRILL CRIES!!! I know, I know no one likes to talk about their weight, ESPECIALLY not women! Why? Because we can hide behind our maxi dresses and parachute pants! Let’s be honest though if I told you that you could take 4 to 6 pills a day and you would curb your appetite and increase your energy level, would you be interested? YES! That is what I thought! Pure Nutrition has come out with SUPER STRENGTH diet pill, Garcinia Cambogia Extract. I know it is a mouth full! After two days of taking two pills twice a day, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner, I found I was not near as hungry as when I started. The … [Read more...]

Fibond – Hair Loss Solution Review #fibond

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Please note, this review is written from the perspective of my brother-in-law. :) As a relatively younger man, having a growing bald patch on your head is kind of a concerning matter. Especially with it being in the back part of my melon where I can't see is even more troubling, as I know not how bad it is. Every mirror at the gym was now becoming an enemy because of the constant reminder of my aging. With this issue I was now prone to keeping a nice tight buzzed head, as it hid the bald spot rather nicely. Guess mom was right about wearing those hats all those years as a younger man, with lovely thick hair. When the Fibond package finally arrived I was somewhat suspect about how well it could work for me. I believe my first thought … [Read more...]

Tomodachi Life Nintendo DS Game Available at @BestBuy #NintendoatBestBuy

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I admit that I'm not a huge gamer. That's the hubby's department. Bioshock, Halo, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Everquest. He's played them all. Thankfully he drew the line at Grand Theft Auto, so I didn't have to. My games are a little more casual. The occasional Mario Kart or Super Mario 3D World is just fine for me. I never really got into anything more time-consuming like "The Sims" (or "The Sims 2", or "The Sims 3" or "The Sims 37"). So when I received a copy of Tomodachi Life for Nintendo DS it was with a bit of trepidation. First off, I had to borrow a DS from my niece. Second, would it totally draw me in and suck up all my time like World of Warcraft did to the hubby? Yeah, I was a WoW Widow for a while. I have to admit that I am … [Read more...]

Bonefish Grill Surprise Box Review #HelloNewMenu

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Bonefish Grill

You've probably heard the commercials. They're usually pretty entertaining. I admit I've liked their commercials for years but never been to the restaurant. The other night I finally went to Bonefish Grill. To say it was an outstanding experience would be an understatement. We started off with the Bang-Bang Shrimp. Now I've been hearing about this thing on the radio forever. You know what I thought? It's shrimp. Why are they hyping it so much? Yeah, then I actually ate it. Or I should say my husband did. He started eating the Bang-Bang Shrimp and didn't stop. He plowed through the appetizer. And I can understand why. Wow!! Bang-Bang shrimp is AWESOME!! For dinner I ordered the Spinach Bacon Gorgonzola Atlantic Salmon off their Special … [Read more...]

Gleam by Melanie Mills: Makeup Review

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We all want to look tan right? We all want to glow right? Gleam’s Body Radiance is the perfect product to help you achieve all of that and more. I have never been a big fan of my legs. I am short, so I’m not one of the ladies you see out that have legs for miles! The tricks that I have discovered over the years that help me look taller and make my legs look great are sunless tanner, heels, and/or leggings. Okay, really anything helps me look taller when you are as short as I am. ;) I know Body Radiance is not a permanent solution but let’s be honest, I don’t need my legs to look amazing when I’m at home in my pajama pants. After I shave my legs or get out of the shower I always use lotion, so I thought I would replace my lotion with … [Read more...]

Smelly Washer Review & How To Video #smellywasher

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Recently we received a bottle of Smelly Washer cleaner to try out and provide feedback on how well the product works. Smelly Washer is an all natural cleaner which is used to remove mildew odor from washing machines. As the owner of a high efficiency, front loading washing machine I can attest to how often we are working to combat icky odors and how rarely we are the winner of such battles. I know that all washing machines need to be cleaned; however, I believe our front loading machine is much worse than our old machine ever was. In other words, more often than not it gives off an unpleasant odor. Our clothes always come out smelling amazing but as soon as the washing machine door goes closed, smelly washer ensues. So what causes this … [Read more...]

Ageless Derma Retinol and Vitamin K Eye Cream Review #AgelessDerma

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I am a night owl! So you know what that means? A lot of mornings I wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles! You know what that leads to right? Most of the time that means lots of concealer and foundation to help ease the ick. Ageless Derma has made it so I don’t have to layer up to cover up my night owl tendencies! It isn’t heavy, and it works great to eliminate the puffiness under my eyes before I leave the house. The Retinol and Vitamin K eye cream is very light and the scent is pleasant unlike a lot of eye creams. It doesn’t irritate my skin like some have around my eyes as well. I find that my eyes are much more sensitive them the rest of my face! Because I am still fortunate enough to not have many fine lines, I also have been having … [Read more...]

EnvyDerm Lip Plumping Gloss Review #Lipplumper

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I have a confession to make. I just haven’t felt like doing any work at all tonight. I’ve sat here and looked at what needed to get done tonight and “doing” just was not at the top of my list; have I mentioned how long my to-do list is? Feeling less than motivated, I picked up this little silver box with fancy black writing and looked at it. I then proceeded to shrug, open the box, and my first thought was … OH! So pretty! I opened the lip gloss and as I touched the applicator to my lips I did a double take because I thought it was broken. The EnvyDerm applicator for the gloss is a flexible sponge but it is flat in the middle. My thought, “Hmm, that’s different, I like it!” As I went back to applying my gloss I was hit with a sudden … [Read more...]

BUNDLE: Laundry Detergent & Softener – Fragrance-Free #laundry

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As someone who loves doing laundry and REALLY loves the smell of fresh linens I was pleased as punch when given the opportunity to review a Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent and Softener Bundle from ATTITUDE. This may sound a little strange, since I just mentioned that I love the smell of fresh linens and this is fragrance-free; but, this grants me creative authority, if you will, over the scent of my laundry. With the fragrance-free bundle from ATTITUDE I am able to add drops of essential oils to my detergent and softener to create scents of my choice. Some may choose to add drops to either their detergent or softener, instead of both; however, I prefer a double dose of yummy good smells. Be it citrus, lavender, vanilla, etc… I am able to … [Read more...]