Chocolate for Sports Fans Sweepstakes

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Chocolate for Sports Fans

Welcome to the Chocolate for Sports Fan Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth Sponsored by  Do you struggle trying to find the perfect gift for a sports fan in your life? Rather than go for the tacky sport bobble head or other usual sports themed gifts, consider going for a gift that every sports family is sure to love, a Replica Chocolate Stadiums and Arena! These large, chocolate stadiums are made using 1 pound of premium American Milk chocolate contain foil wrapped chocolate balls (depending on stadium). As well, each stadium is shipped in a reusable metal tin with matching ribbon, making it perfect for the holiday season. Currently, the Replica Chocolate Stadiums and Arenas are available in the following sport … [Read more...]

$150 Gift Card Giveaway

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Sponsored by Coordinated by Bella Savvy & Co-hosted by: Thrifty Momma's Tips If you're looking to upgrade, or replace electronics in your home, or purchase gifts for your loved ones, is THE place to shop for quality products including computers, cameras, and top notch televisions--- all at rock bottom prices. They carry all of the top major brands including LG, Samsung, and Canon. Check out my full review of the LG 42-inch 1080p Direct SMART HDTV with Wi-Fi. With you don't have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to get amazing prices because you won't find a better deal anywhere else! Connect: Shop | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Instagram | … [Read more...]

Atlantic Luggage – Enter To Win A Family Trip for Four Sweepstakes!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Atlantic Luggage for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I traveling so much this summer I learned a few tricks to packing, lol.  I did everything I could to avoid paying for extra luggage because I’m so scared of loosing everything.  My husband things I need to loosen up, but hey if it can all fit in a carry on and a HUGE purse, what’s the big deal – I’m saving money too!  I’m gong to share two tips to fitting more in you carry on, AND an awesome sweepstakes Atlanta Luggage has going on right now.  So be sure to stick around and read everything, because it’s a great sweepstake that involves going for you and three other pople.  Two Tips to fitting more in your carry on … [Read more...]

Etekcity® LED Finger Lights Lamps Flashlight (80 pcs) Review #Etekcity

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I’ve been to a party or two in my day. Not a lot but a few. Certain types of these parties would be frequented by DJ’s of the questionable variety and lots of people carrying glow sticks and pacifiers. Now back in my youth, I actually didn’t have a clue as to the significance of all this. And if I did I would not have gone to those parties. I’m not out to ruin anyone else’s good time but that just isn’t my scene. Now that I do have a clue what is going on with the glow sticks and pacifiers, I definitely wouldn’t be going to a party like that. These days some of the accessories have been updated to a definite 21st century tech spin. But unlike glow sticks that have a limited use and useful life, the high tech alternative has a myriad of … [Read more...]

KitchCo Premium Silicone BBQ Gloves Review #silicongloves

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Oven mitts. I hate ‘em. I don’t hate that I have to use them, because frankly I like having the use of my hands and not having them burned to a crisp. But I hate everything else about them. Half the time they don’t work to begin with and you end up burning your hand. Then if you spill something on them you have to be careful how you wash them. I used to have a set of four oven mitts. They worked pretty well until one got dirty. I threw it in the wash and washed and dried it without thinking. It came out about three-quarters the size of the others, thus forever ruining it for me because it no longer matched the other three. Yes, I’m that person. And have you ever tried to use an oven mitt with a grill? That’s downright dangerous. One … [Read more...]

The Skin Regime (Book and Peel) Review #theskinregime

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My skin has always been a touchy subject. All was fine until I hit puberty and then all hell broke loose. On top of acne I started suffering from red patches/blotches, combination skin that was dry sometimes and extremely oily at other times, and we won’t even discuss my uneven skin tone. Needless to say, makeup became this girl’s best friend early on in the teen years BUT did I mention I also have extremely sensitive skin? Yeah, cheap makeup, the kind that most teenagers purchase, and sensitive skin really don’t mix. Forget the additional breakouts and blotches; the incessant itching was well … incessant. As a thirty-something I can’t even recall the number of skincare products that I have purchased over the years to remedy my problems or … [Read more...]

Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham Giveaway

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Welcome to the Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham Giveaway Sponsored by: Tender Filet Hosted by: Reviewz & Newz With the holidays upon us, we are all planning our menus.  One of my favorite items to serve during this time is a ham.  Not just any ham, a Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham will be on my table!   What can be easier than going online and ordering your ham from Tender Filet and have it shipped to your door?  No going through those meat cases at the grocery store, you can rest assured that Tender Filet has the BEST honey glazed spiral sliced hams. I recently had the pleasure to try a Tender Filet Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham.  The whole cooking process could not be easier.  Preheat your oven, … [Read more...]

Gravity Maze Game Review

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I’ve said before that I love games that make my daughter smart. And that make her look smarter than the hubby. Anything that makes her think outside the box is a win. Although I’m not really sure what “thinking outside the box” really means. Who is thinking inside the box? If you’re thinking doesn’t that generally mean you are trying to solve a problem? If you had the solution then you wouldn’t be thinking. So it logically follows that if you are thinking about something in general you are thinking outside the box because thinking inside the box means you aren’t thinking, you’re just existing. But I digress. Gravity Maze is an intriguing new game. It combines my daughter’s love of building and her love for all things marble. And by Marble … [Read more...]

How to Enjoy Harmonious Family Vacations

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Family vacations should provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind. However, the truth of the matter is these holidays can be far from harmonious. If you’re determined to ensure that your next trip is a success, take a look at these top tips. Select a suitable destination The key to family breaks is selecting the right destination. You don’t have to travel halfway around the world in order to have fun with your loved ones. In fact, more local vacation spots could be much better. By choosing a location that’s closer to home, you can reduce your travel time and make the whole experience easier. For inspiration, you can check out websites like Trip Advisor. Before you book your tickets, make sure the destination has plenty … [Read more...]

Leaving the Nest – Preparing Your Child for College Life

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Going to college is one of the most important milestones in both a child and parent’s life. Not only is it a fantastic academic achievement, it also marks the start of their young adult life. So, if you’re a mom who’s soon to be waving your kid off to college, then you’re probably experiencing a wide range of emotions right now. It’s one of those bittersweet moments that’s filled with laughter, pride, as well as plenty of tears. When our kids leave home for the first time, you may feel that they’re abandoning you forever and that they’ll no longer need you once they get to college. Well, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ask any mom whose child has left home, and the majority will tell you that no matter how old they get, children … [Read more...]