Bayless Nasco Small Pet Bed Giveaway { US Only | Ends 12/4}

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Hosted by: It's Free At Last Sponsored by: Baylee Nasco Baylee Nasco has all of your Pet Bed and Blanket needs. They have a wide array of sizes and designs available and each item is customized and hand made specific to the consumer, using the patterns available. Be sure to check out Baylee Nasco and get your pet a special something for under the Christmas Tree this year.Be sure to read Kristin's Review and find out how amazing her pet bed is and see how much her dogs love it. ***The Giveaway***  1 winner will receive a Baylee Nasco Small Pet Bed ($108.00 Value)! Giveaway is open to US Residents, ages 18+ years of age (limited to one entrant per household). The giveaway ends on 12/04/14. Simply follow the Giveaway Widget Form below … [Read more...]

Divine LEDs Headlamp Review

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Man discovered fire, and that was all useful and stuff. It provided warmth and a way to cook food and the means to melt metal to make spoons and provided light. But as cool as all that is, fire by itself is pretty inefficient at all that stuff, there are better ways to do all that now (except maybe the spoon thing). Take light for example. Imagine trying to light your house with a big wood fire in the middle of your living room. It would totally catch the carpet on fire and poof, there goes your house. Or imagine that you needed to fix a leaky pipe under the sink. Either the leaky pipe puts out the fire or the fire catches your cabinet on fire and poof, there goes your house. The villagers chasing Frankenstein’s monster with flaming … [Read more...]

Petbrosia: Best Dog Food Formulated for Felix

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Disclosure: I received free product from Petbrosia to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. I have a dog. He’s a royal pain in the butt. A year’s worth of obedience training and I still can’t get him to sit. Or stay. Or come. Or lay down. Or roll over. Or anything. Well, I can get him to beg. He does that exceptionally well. And sit on the back of the couch with one paw on my head while I’m trying to work. But he mostly does that on his own, not because I want him to, but he is very good at it. I can also get him to lie on top of my daughter while she’s asleep on the couch. But again, that’s not something he was trained to do in obedience class. It’s just something he naturally excels at. In … [Read more...]

Quality Stainless Steel Grater & Zester From Chef’s Necessities #StainlessSteelGraterZester

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The hubby has a lot of tools. Among the category of “men that are handy with tools” I’m pretty sure he is not unique in that regard. If you ever try to have a conversation with any of these men about why they have so many tools it will probably go something like this: “Why do you have this <insert tool name here> tool?” “I used that three years ago to fix the door to the attic.” “But why didn’t you use this other <insert other tool name here> tool? It’s exactly the same.” “No it’s not, it’s the wrong size and the handle is too long, I needed a shorter handle to fit. I could have tried using the other one, but it would have taken longer and stripped the part and I would have scraped the crap out of my knuckles. I may not use … [Read more...]

Silicone Cupcake Molds ~ Duck Season. Wabbit Season. Duck Season. NO, Baking Season!! ~ #californiakitchenware

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Christmas is fast approaching. 32 days away the last time I checked (hint, today). And that means baking season is in full swing. Cupcakes for kid parties. Cupcakes for family parties. Cupcakes for the hubby’s work so he can make nice with all his coworkers and bosses. Hey, I need to keep him employed somehow; he can’t do it on his own. There’s one problem with all this baking however, all the cupcake liners you need. With all the cupcake I make this time of year, I need to get stock in a company that makes cupcake liners. Not to mention it feels wasteful to use all those cupcake liners. I mean, you don’t actually buy cake liners right? If you can have a cake without a liner, why not a cupcake without a liner? You just peel it off and … [Read more...]

Collectible Christmas Ornaments from Reed & Barton ~ Father Christmas Sterling Silver Ornament #reedandbarton

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Everyone has Christmas ornaments. Well, everyone that celebrates Christmas has Christmas ornaments. It would be kind of pointless to have Christmas ornaments if you didn’t celebrate Christmas. I mean, you could have a Christmas tree even if you didn’t celebrate Christmas but that would be a little weird. And pointless. Okay, so if you celebrate Christmas, and you put up a Christmas tree, then chances are good you have a collection of Christmas ornaments. Some old, some new, some cheap, some expensive, some in pieces, some intact (well, hopefully most of them are intact). There are the sentimental ones: baby’s first Christmas, the macaroni “something,” the plaster painted bell or star or whatever with a picture of your child. Then there are … [Read more...]

HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion Sweepstakes {US Only | Ends 12/10}

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Welcome to the HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion Sweepstakes!   The HoMedics® Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heat delivers a revitalizing massage in the comfort of your favorite chair. With the latest 3D full contour technology, the massaging nodes travel up and down your back for a deep kneading shiatsu massage. Its easy-to-use hand control allows you to control your intensity level, as well as add soothing heat for added relaxation. Whether you suffer from back or muscle pain, stress, or just love a nice massage, this product is the perfect addition to any home. It would also make an awesome gift this Holiday season! Brandy over at Newly Crunchy Mama Of 3 recently reviewed the HoMedics Triple Shiatsu Massage Cushion … [Read more...]

Holiday Specs Review

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Seeing is Believing! To say my daughter loves Christmas lights would be like saying that kids like candy. Or pigs love slop. Or dogs like drinking from the toilet. OR…well, you get the point. So with the Christmas season fast approaching, or already here, one of our favorite things to do is go around and see the lights. In our neighborhood, in the neighboring neighborhood, in the neighborhood beyond that, at the zoo, at the park. We see a lot of lights. But the thing about lights is that while they are sparkly and shiny and pretty, they are just lights. Wouldn't it be neat if there was a way to kick it up a notch, so to speak. Well now there is thanks to Holiday Specs 3D glasses. With these ingenious holographic glasses, any Christmas … [Read more...]

Pattern Dilly Bag Giveaway #1MyBag {US & CAN | Ends 11/25}

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Pattern Bag Giveaway November 21-25, 2014 Open to US/Canada I'm not a "bag snob" but I can admit that I would be lost without my handbag. It is essentially my best friend when I leave the house and holds my deepest of secrets (lip gloss and some other female things), money, and extra odds and ends that are must haves in order for me to make it through the day. Check out an awesome bag that is perfect for everyone and their day to day! Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Pattern Organized by Celebrate Woman Today What makes Pattern handbags different and versatile is that they fit any life style. Offered in many styles and colors, you could easily choose the category you are in love with: a tote, a traveling bag, … [Read more...]

$100 Amazon Gift Card & Nature’s Essence Giveaway {3 Winners | US Only | Ends 12/5}

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I received product samples in exchange for my post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you looking for a great skin care line that will do wonders to your skin? Nature’s True Essence might just be the perfect choice for you. This amazing skin care line is available on with just a few clicks on your computer or smart phone. How convenient is that?Available in Night Cream, Under Eye Cream, Anti Age Spot Cream, and Day Cream, Nature’s True Essence facial creams are beneficial to those who want to have timeless beauty. The creams are packed with natural ingredients such as almond butter and natural oils from grape seed, jojoba and olive. Natural olive oil and almond butter keep the skin nourished while the grape seed oil … [Read more...]