Ice Sphere Molds by Infernal Innovations Review #IceBallMold

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Who doesn’t love an ice cold drink on a hot summer day? NO ONE, that’s who. Who doesn’t like to feel nice and sophisticated while doing it as well? Again no one, that’s who. The Infernal Innovations Ice Sphere Molds completely accomplish that. These perfect spheres are so much better than the mundane cubed or crushed ice you normally get. The drinkability is also so much better as well. You don’t have the issues of the ice melting together and causing a drinking issue. Never once did I not have a perfect smooth flow of liquid. Never once did I have the issue of the now forgotten cubed ice come crashing into my face while I was drinking. I now want to use these and only these little balls of frozen joy with every drink. My drink was always … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Make Your Home More Child Friendly

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Having a child friendly home means having a home that is safe for children to be in, but works for you, so you don’t constantly have to watch them or tidy up after them at all times. There are lots of different things you can do, but the following ideas are some of the most effective: 1. Get Everybody Involved in the Decoration Process By getting your children involved in the decoration process when they are old enough, they’ll think twice before wiping their grubby fingers on your sofa. This helps them to feel a sense of ownership in the home and will stop them from doing things mindlessly - like wearing muddy shoes on the new rug. Ask the kids what they’d like to see in the house. Remember that your house will never really be tidy … [Read more...]

Rainbow Bandz Loom Refill Pack Review #RainbowRefill

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“OMG MOM THERE ARE SO MANY COLORS!!” Yes this was the response my daughter had as I unloaded the many packages of these fun Rainbow Bandz. She was so excited to see that there was such a variety of colors in our big, beautiful box of rubber bands. Each package contained 600 of these funny little stretchy things. She wanted to use them for everything from putting them on our dog’s tail and ears because she said they made HIM look pretty, to her hair, my hair, and she was sad she couldn’t put them in her daddy’s hair so they went on his fingers! She even decorated the Mario Kart figurine that recently accompanied her Happy Meal. I love the way her eyes lit up as I showed her how to use these colorful circles to make bracelets, rings, bigger … [Read more...]

Premium 6ft Universal Power Cord Review #solidcordz

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Some things are sexy. Marines. Channing Tatum. Firefighters. Sparkly Diamonds. The hubby (sorry, I had to add that, he was looking over my shoulder as I was writing...he's gone now). Some things are not sexy. Garbage Trucks. Wrenches. Minivans. The hubby. They are all completely necessary, just not super sexy. As for the hubby, I keep him around to fix things...and our daughter seems to like him a little. Oh, and I'm not totally sold on the necessity of minivans. But garbage trucks are definitely necessary. They haul away the broken stuff that the hubby fixes. And without wrenches, the hubby wouldn't be able to fix anything. Isn't it strange how things are interconnected like that sometimes? Some things, like wrenches, that don't seem … [Read more...]

Rainbow Bandz Loom Kit Review #loomkit

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If five years ago someone had told you that rubber bands would be all the rage in the future would you have believed them? Oh, I know, I wouldn’t have either! But ladies and gentlemen, they are! On that note, this “rage” has introduced me to something that my daughter and I love to do together! The Rainbow Bandz Loom Kit was created to help making these fun new bracelets, rings, key chains, and anything else that one can think of easier to make. At the age of 4, my daughter still needs some help but because her fingers are so little the loom makes it much easier for her to work on making the same bracelets all of the “big girls” make! What we loved the most was the results you saw so quickly. She found it to be a very rewarding project she … [Read more...]

City Break Secrets: Save Money Today #CityDweller

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Link to image Is it time you took a well deserved break? There are many fantastic places you can visit, which will allow you to escape reality. Enjoy the comfort of being in a new environment and explore the world. There is no better time to do this than right now. City breaks are a great idea for young explorers. They allow you to immerse yourself in a cosmopolitan environment. You can explore buzzing city life for just a short trip, allowing you a taste of the big city without the stress of it. One of the main reasons people decide not to visit cities is that they assume city breaks are expensive. Whilst many times this is the case, if you follow a few simple steps it needn't be. You can save money by planning your trip in advance and … [Read more...]

MyFairyTaleBooks Giveaway

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MyFairyTaleBooks Giveaway! Hosted by: Got Giveaways? Sponsored by: MyFairyTaleBooks Do you have a little princess in your life? How about a little pirate? Do they enjoy story time? My daughter likes to dress up as a princess, pirate, Bat Girl, you name it and she is ready to play dress up but she also enjoys quiet time with mommy and daddy when we are heading to bed with a storybook. If your little one is like mine, check out the awesome giveaway below! I love personalized items. It really doesn't matter what it is, but if it has my name or monogram on it, I'll buy it. And, I love personalized items for my daughter, especially the books that put your child and his or her friends right in the story! Cady at Got Giveaways? got to review a … [Read more...]

swissvoice ePure White with Answering System Giveaway

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Swissvoice ePure Giveaway1

swissvoice has partnered with Pink Ninja Blogger and a few amazing bloggers to bring you this awesome giveaway!  A guiding principle of the corporate culture, swissvoice focuses on high quality at every stage of product development. Their goal is to deliver products that are second to none in terms of reliability and user-friendliness. ONE lucky winner will receive an ePure White with Answering System (ARV $119.99) ePure presents a pure, modern, and clean design combined with the latest in telephony functionality. The phone features low-emission fulleco® mode and high sound quality, a larger display, and a navigation key to offer maximum user comfort. To learn more, check out Pink Ninja Blogger’s review of the swissvoice ePure White with … [Read more...]

Robot Turtles Review #RobotTurtles

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A Fun Way to Learn to Code! I have to admit I have always been a little jealous of the hubby. He is a programmer. I'm not really jealous of being a programmer, but it's a job he is good at, he loves and most importantly, it's a career. Something he can do for a long time and get better at and grow with. My old job...what can I say, I hated it, my boss was evil and there was absolutely nowhere to grow. Talk about depressing. Suffice it to say that if there is a choice, I would rather my daughter follow in the hubby's footsteps as far as a career path than mine. Getting paid to do what you love? How many people can really say they are that lucky. So while I know my daughter is a really smart cookie, I am always on the lookout for ways to … [Read more...]

Shandali Travel Towel Review

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I have to admit, the first time I saw the infomercial for a Shamwow I was intrigued. Not because I was all gung-ho to wash my car and soak up 14 gallons of water with a single towel. The real thought going through my head was, "that thing is small and soaks up water like a regular towel, I wonder if I could take it to the pool for my daughter." I know, doesn't make much sense, just follow along with me. And no, I wasn't really going to use a shammy on my daughter. My daughter loves going to the pool, but as soon as she gets out she has to dry off or she gets "cold." Nevermind that it could be 113 degrees in the shade, she has to dry off. The result is that about halfway through a trip to the pool her towel is a soaking wet pile. Oh, did I … [Read more...]