Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit – 3 Real Dino Fossils and T-Rex Skeleton! Review #discoverwithdrcool

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I love toys that teach without being obvious. I’ve said that before. Any toy that my daughter loves to play with AND teaches something is a total win. And so it was with more than a little glee that I opened Ultimate Dino Dig. Let’s just say I have one daughter in my house, but two kids. The hubby saw this and was instantly enthralled, ready to take it outside and start “digging.” He was just slightly into dinosaurs when he was a kid, you know, like yesterday. So outside they traipsed and started to dig. The Ultimate Dino Dig consists of a magnifying glass, brush, digging tool and the “fossil.” The fossil is a brick that you dig in to. It has a little Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that you have to unearth and put together. It teaches … [Read more...]

Lemonhead Candy Prize Pack Giveaway

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After more than a century, Ferrara still believes it is a treat to introduce beloved candy brands to new generations of candy fans and because of that, here’s what’s new with the world famous Lemonhead. Without question, Lemonhead is the most iconic sweet and sour candy brand known and loved ever since it first started tantalizing taste buds over 50 years ago (1962 to be exact). Halloween is right around the corner! As we are busy picking costumes, heading to the pumpkin patch, carving, playing in leaves, etc... the list goes on and on BUT it is all in preparation for that one, important night. I remember going Trick or Treating as a child and coming home to check out our "loot" and make candy exchanges with my sisters. We all kept our … [Read more...]

Wagner Paint Applicators Giveaway

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Sponsored by: Wagner Spray Tech Hosted by: Mom Blog Society and Bella Savvy Wagner offers a wide array of quality paint applicators to help get the job done faster, and done right the first time— for homeowners and professional painters. We have been working on paint projects since we moved into our home in October, yes ... I said October (almost a year ago) and we still aren't anywhere near done. We may have just found the perfect product to not only reinvigorate our efforts but increased the chances of us actually finishing this project before next October. ;) Read the full review of the Wagner SMART SideKick and Flexio 590 here. One winner will receive the Wagner SMART SideKick Power Paint Roller System. A second winner will receive … [Read more...]

The Water Bottle Soap Company Giveaway

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Bottle Soap

Sponsored by: The Water Bottle Soap Company Hosted by: Mom Blog Society and Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker The Water Bottle Soap Company is an Eco-conscience and animal-friendly soap company with their client's and our Earth's best interest in mind. their soaps are made from the highest quality ingredients and offer a  wide variety of soap bases including but not limited to: Shea Butter and Olive Oil. Their soap bases contain no animal byproducts allowing them to meet Vegan standards and making the products Kosher. You can read the full review here. 1 Winner will win the Guest Soap Pack pictured above   a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure:  Mom Blog Society received an item for review only and no other compensation for the … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 7″ Tablet Giveaway

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Nexus 7

In the world of everything technology many of us are often on the lookout for the next big thing that will make our life a little easier and a lot more techno friendly. If you have been looking into tablets, we may have just found exactly what you need AND we are giving one away to one lucky reader! Google Nexus 7 7" Tablet has IPS display that ensures perfect visual insight. Tablet comes with 16GB internal storage and has 1.2 MP front and 5 MP rear camera for capturing images. Features: Slim new design increases comfort and portability 7" LeD backlight WUXGA screen, IPS panel and 10 finger multi-touch support Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro 8064 quad-core Black Operating system: Android Jelly Bean 4.3 Dimensions: 200 mm (H) … [Read more...]

SATISFACTION: Thursdays on USA Network

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This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Universal Cable Productions, all opinions expressed are 100% my own. “And while it’s premature to say I can’t get enough “Satisfaction,” at this point, I definitely want more...” – Brian Lowry, VARIETY.COM What gives you satisfaction? Love? Money? Happiness? Sex? I think this is a question that most of us often ask ourselves. Yet, many of us will never find the answer. Our wants and desires are constantly changing and as we reorganize our “list” the answer changes. Don’t believe me? Take a second and think about life. Have you achieved everything you want? Have you checked off everything on your bucket list? Do you go to bed at night and dream about your significant other or a hottie … [Read more...]

Pressy Button Giveaway {US & Canada}

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Press your way to Control Giveaway

Welcome to the Press your way to Control Giveaway Hosted by A Medic's World and Sponsored by Pressy Isn't technology wonderful? Think of it, we are in an age, where gadgets can help other gadgets now. The Pressy Button does just that, it helps your Android Device or Phone with functions like quick snapshots, turning your Wifi/Bluetooth on or off, changing to the next song, calling someone in an instant, all with a few short, medium or long presses. Definitely check out the full review over at A Medic's World, and find out why he gave it 4 out of 5 stars. To me, even though technology is amazing, it can also be a real pain in the butt. As a busy mom that is constantly on the go I never have enough hands to handle everything … [Read more...]

Trinity Dual Sided Storage Rack Giveaway

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Bin Rack Giveaway

This is going to be an awesome giveaway! Do you like to find new ways to store things? Or keep things organized? Have a lot of Craft, Hobby products to store? Maybe have a business and need to keep inventory straight, or just use it for the garage or basement? Now you have a chance to win this for yourself. As for me, I am a couponer that loves to stockpile. No negative vibes please! I also donate and help my family out. Anyway, even though I stockpile organization and order is extremely important to me so I am constantly on the lookout for the best storage systems available. I think I just fell in love! Trinity International makes some of the best organizational products you have ever seen, and this one is no different, with all the … [Read more...]

Sweeney’s® Solar Sonic Spike™ PRO Not So Much A Review, Review #molecontrol

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If you’ve ever had to deal with moles in your yard you know what a pain it can be. Holes everywhere. Raised turf from the tunnels. It’s a mess and a hassle. If you happen to have a dog it can be even worse as the dog chases after the moles and digs up even more of your yard. Fortunately there is a potential solution with Sweeney’s Solar Spike Pro. The spike goes in the ground, below the mowing level of the grass. It is solar-powered so no need to charge batteries. The Solar spike emits underground pulses that will drive moles and gophers away without harming them or resorting to poisons or traps. We couldn’t really test it however because our unit did not come with the solar powered top part. We thought it important to make note of this … [Read more...]

Pink Parchment Soaps Giveaway

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Sponsored by: Pink Parchment Soaps Hosted by: Mom Blog Society and Moms and Crafters Pink Parchment Soaps is a mother daughter business that hand crafts beautiful soaps among other items. Their line includes: Handmade soaps – Some are beautifully designed, with essential oils and fragrant ingredients. Others that focus on key ingredients such as beer, bamboo activated charcoal, French red clay, and more, making them a perfect gift for men as well Sea Shell Soap collections in various colors Kids soaps in fun, bright shapes and colors (think cotton candy cupcake and troll rubber duckie…) Floral shaped soap sets Bath Bombs and Fizzes – beautifully designed as well Sugar Scrubs – with many different combinations of natural … [Read more...]