Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review #GarciniaAmazon

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Psst! Hey you! Yeah you! I have to talk to you about something that is kind of a touchy subject! Losing weight!!! SCHRILL CRIES!!! I know, I know no one likes to talk about their weight, ESPECIALLY not women! Why? Because we can hide behind our maxi dresses and parachute pants! Let’s be honest though if I told you that you could take 4 to 6 pills a day and you would curb your appetite and increase your energy level, would you be interested? YES! That is what I thought! Pure Nutrition has come out with SUPER STRENGTH diet pill, Garcinia Cambogia Extract. I know it is a mouth full! After two days of taking two pills twice a day, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner, I found I was not near as hungry as when I started. The … [Read more...]

Fibond – Hair Loss Solution Review #fibond

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Please note, this review is written from the perspective of my brother-in-law. :) As a relatively younger man, having a growing bald patch on your head is kind of a concerning matter. Especially with it being in the back part of my melon where I can't see is even more troubling, as I know not how bad it is. Every mirror at the gym was now becoming an enemy because of the constant reminder of my aging. With this issue I was now prone to keeping a nice tight buzzed head, as it hid the bald spot rather nicely. Guess mom was right about wearing those hats all those years as a younger man, with lovely thick hair. When the Fibond package finally arrived I was somewhat suspect about how well it could work for me. I believe my first thought … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Essentials Giveaway

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Hosted By: Life of a Southern Mom Sponsored By: Koala Kin Bella Materna Simple Wishes Nursing Bra Express Precious 40 Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience but it definitely has some challenges associated with it. From special undergarments to diet to proper positioning of baby, it can be overwhelming knowing what you need. We have picked a few of our favorite products to share with you to help you get started! View our Breastfeeding Essentials Guide and then enter to win some of these great items! Are you expecting? A new parent or know someone who has a baby on the way? We have the perfect giveaway for you to help create an easy transition at such and exciting time. I remember being a new mommy, it was such an amazing … [Read more...]

Paper Boat Apps $100 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

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I don't know about you but my little one LOVES playing on our iPad mini when we give her "play time." We want to make sure she is spending quality time on the iPad so we are certain to have multiple educational games and a few videos available to her for viewing. Anytime we find great apps we like to share them with friends and family and that is what we are doing today! Zac & Zoey is a sensible interactive cartoon series for children. Zac and Zoey are twins that love mysteries! Zac and Zoey also have a little dog named Tracker. They are the children next door which makes this cartoon more relatable to everyday life! The twins, Zac & Zoey have NO powers and NO talking pets! These neighborhood twins figure out how to solve the … [Read more...]

We Love Our Fans Flash Sweepstakes

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Welcome to the We Love Our Fans Flash Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth As bloggers, we are thankful every day that we have wonderful readers like you. All of us put in countless hours on our blogs, but know we wouldn't be here without fantastic, loyal readers like you. We know you are taking time away from your busy day to read our articles, try out our recipes, and enter our giveaways. Your loyalty and trust means a lot to us and we want to give back! Budget Earth and some of your favorite bloggers joined our funds together to bring you this awesome flash giveaway! One very lucky reader will win a $50 Amazon or Paypal Gift Card! This giveaway will only last for one week so don't forget to enter! To make things easier for you, … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers in Your Home

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Flowers are important to have within the home. So many of us revere fresh flowers, but without understanding their importance. Flowers not only look beautiful, but they can make us feel better too. If you want to have a positive force within your home, you are going to need to introduce fresh flowers. Flowers are so much more than fancy adornments. They are proven to help people with a wide range of emotional and physical ailments. Photo Credit: Flickr Advanced Search Let’s take a look at the importance of having flowers within the home. The Lowdown on Flowers Flowers and plants bring the outdoors, indoors. They are beautiful and smell amazing. They can transform the look of a room. They are often an integral part of interior design. … [Read more...]

$50 BOULEVARD805 Giveaway

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BOULEVARD805 is a trendy new boutique store that offers the latest in fashion and accessories for woman. Located in Sunny Southern California BOULEVARD805 offers a variety of stylish and affordable fashion items for woman in sizes Small to XXXL. They know everyone loves to look their very best and their gorgeous, trend setting clothing will have you looking just that! As we wave goodbye to summer (yes, it will go away sooner or later) and welcome the beginning of fall it is time to change our wardrobe and move into more earth tones, warm and comfy, and well... my favorite time of the year. We have just what you need to help you on the way of modeling your new wardrobe with a fantastic company. Check out the details below! BOULEVARD805 … [Read more...]

Tomodachi Life Nintendo DS Game Available at @BestBuy #NintendoatBestBuy

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I admit that I'm not a huge gamer. That's the hubby's department. Bioshock, Halo, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Everquest. He's played them all. Thankfully he drew the line at Grand Theft Auto, so I didn't have to. My games are a little more casual. The occasional Mario Kart or Super Mario 3D World is just fine for me. I never really got into anything more time-consuming like "The Sims" (or "The Sims 2", or "The Sims 3" or "The Sims 37"). So when I received a copy of Tomodachi Life for Nintendo DS it was with a bit of trepidation. First off, I had to borrow a DS from my niece. Second, would it totally draw me in and suck up all my time like World of Warcraft did to the hubby? Yeah, I was a WoW Widow for a while. I have to admit that I am … [Read more...]

Pong Back to School Sweepstakes

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Back to School

Welcome to the Pong Back to School Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth Sponsored by Pong   I love new technology but it doesn't really love me. Okay, that may be a bit too harsh. What I mean to say is I wreak havoc on technology. I have broken so many laptops, cellphones, remote controls, coffee makers, etc... that it is to the point I'm surprised that my husband hasn't moved us into a tent in the middle of nowhere. Okay, okay, it really isn't THAT bad but I do have a number of limitations when it comes to technology. So what does this have to do with anything? I just got a brand new smartphone. Do you know what that means? Looking for the perfect case for your brand new smartphone? How about something a bit more chic and … [Read more...]

$1,000 Back To School Cash from iMyne

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Do you love shopping online? I don't know about you but I love everything online especially shopping! I love that I am able to sit in the comfort of my home or even in a restaurant with friends and make great purchases without having to rearrange my day and head to the mall for the perfect find. Today, we would like to introduce you to a new company AND give you the chance to win $1,o00! Check out the details below! Did you know you can shop, earn, and donate all at once? You are already shopping online or on your mobile devices, so why not donate to a good cause while doing so. iMyne allows you to do just that. Many of the retailers you already know and love actually offer money back as an incentive to shop their sites, but these … [Read more...]